coLAB studio is a collaborative laboratory, bringing together a wide variety of professionals in a cooperative work environment.

Founded in 1999 by Matthew Salenger and Maria Salenger, the studio began by blending art and architectural concepts into thought provoking constructions. Since that time, the studio has expanded into a dynamic arrangement of diversified professionals with a common goal of creating and enabling thoughtful, creative, and sustainable work. 

Our network of knowledgeable people include poets, general contractors, interior designers, artists, and architects, as well as experts in wellness, biomimicry, development, integral design, and advanced building technologies. We all share a desire to foster projects providing the highest value to clients, sites, and the environment. (Please see our "Services" page for more information.)

Since coLAB's inception, the studio has been recognized with over 35 major design and environmental awards as well as scores of publications locally, nationally, and internationally. The founders of coLAB have spoken at several major universities, museums, galleries, and other institutions across the nation and around the world. (Please email us for a Resume.)

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